Dedicated Out of Hours Care for your pet
Covering South Wales   Cardiff, 180 Merthyr Road (A470), CF14 1DL 02920 529 446   Ystrad Mynach, Oakfield Street, CF82 7AF 01443 811 111


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emergency centre - cardiff



leading to Waiting and Reception Area

leads onto the 3 Consulting Rooms

Between the consulting rooms is the Pharmacy

Leading from the public area is the inpatient area. Central to this is the Preparation Area

Leading off from this central area are: Sterile Operating Theatre

X-ray Room


Seperate kennelling wards for: Dogs, large dogs, cats, exotics (vivaria etc). isolation

emergency clinic - ystrad mynach

Ystrad Mynach

Our premises are on Oakfield Street, next to Lewis Girls School and the Main Car Park.

Facilities include:

Easy Parking

Some parking in front of the surgery, easy drop off plus it is right next to the main (paying) car park in Ystrad.

Waiting room

More space and more comfort

3 consulting rooms

This will allow 2 vets to consult at the same time as a nurse.

Sterile operating theatre

A purpose built operating theatre with high standards of sterility. A very safe environment for operating on your pet

Preparation area

This will be a central area where patients are checked and prepared for surgery, and dentals are performed.

X-ray room


A laboratory for easing the processing of blood samples etc. Most laboratory work is done on-site, thus speeding the provision of important results, many blood tests can be done ‘while you wait’. A new state of the art biochemistry unit means that even more tests can be done on site, with higher accuracy.



Separate wards for dogs, large dogs, cats & isolation.

It is important that different species are housed separately. Our new facilities will provide ample space for doing this. Kennels etc will be safe, warm, secure and comfortable.

Staff accommodation


We have several ambulances. They are available 24 hours a day to pick up emergencies, to pick up those unable to get into the practice, and for taking animals back to their owners when necessary. They are routinely used for return of patients to their own clinics.

They carry with them emergency care equipment such as drips, oxygen etc. (No drugs are carried).

If you wish to use our service during your vet’s normal working hours, please telephone them direct to arrange this.

Should you wish to use the ambulance service out of normal working hours, simply speak to one of our staff, who will be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

Level of Care

All our staff are very dedicated and work very hard. The amount of work varies considerably. This can mean having to wait if several emergencies come in at around the same time. If work load it too high you may be asked to go to our other emergency clinic if they can see you sooner.

We always have at least one Veterinary Surgeon and one Veterinary Nurse on the premises at all times during all of the hours of operation of each Emergency Clinic.

Both vet and nurse work only at night OR only during the day, thus will be awake to deal with your pet.

Large Animal Emergencies

We do not deal with Large Animal Emergencies! Please see Yellow Pages for a listing of practices dealing with Farm animals and Horses.

House Calls

There are greater risks involved in calling out to clients’ homes out-of-hours than with normal practice. Our client practices stand a better chance of knowing their own clients and the areas they come from than we do.

There are very few, if any, calls that require the attendance of a vet. Instead, we have an efficient ambulance service that can arrive on the scene much more quickly than our ‘in-house’ staff, who usually have other emergencies and in-patients to deal with.

Thus house calls can be a hazard to pets, staff and other patients.

From your point of view, bringing in your pet, or using a taxi or our ambulance, is quicker and much cheaper than sending out a vet. From our point of view it is safer.